Thank You!

We want to thank you now, not at the end!

So, we could cry just thinking about all y’all and how much you have helped us get this far (uhm, forget the fact that the car is still in Berkeley and hasn’t used its passport yet). You always see the thank you page at the end, but since this is the maiden voyage of our little flying saucer, we see it fit to begin this process now…since, who knows what can happen! So, here it goes…

HUGE, MASSIVE, bear hug thanks to our family at 24 hours of LeMons! John, Sis Adri , Nick, Jeff! For the best, most affordable race training available. Thank you for keeping our skin from burning and melting and loading us up with swag to share with our friends in Mexico!

Our crew mates Andrew Watry and Ed Adams. Andrew put in Sunday hours during the least glamorous phases of the coach building and will join us for the grueling, sleep deprived and gritty job crewing. Ed will also join us as crew after towing the race car from Berkeley, CA to Veracruz. Having crewed with Ed in 2011, one will never meet a more resourceful or dependable mate.

MEMO!!!!! Super crew mate! This will be year 4 crewing together! Can we possibly improve all those jokes? Will this be the year we actually bring home a Mexican dog? Thank you for the killing, blowing, massaging, or whatever you had to do to get the time off from school to join us! I have a travel size Listerine for ya!

¡Mil Gracias! Peter “Pedro” Lambert! The only thing better than not  driving a janky support vehicle, without your generous loaner Land Rover, would be having you there with us.

Larry Dickman “Jr” and Dennis “Best Welder EVER” Echeverry who collaborated on the sculpture headers on El Platillo Volador. Crazy beautiful work! Gracias, amigos!

The Punks of Berkeley: Jon Norman of Alfa Parts, Dan Marvin, Dennis, Paul Hasslegren, Mike, Paolo Epifani, Jim Groom, Kevin….we’d be nuthin’ without you. Thank you! So much.

Tom Richardson, truly a jack-of-all-trades. During the day, Cliff Bar designer, husband and dad…By Sundays and after hours, a gifted upholsterer! You are inspirational! Using our old Singer industrial sewing machine is exactly as exciting as riding a bucking horse!

We are so grateful to be stylin’ in killer El Platillo Volador tshirts, thanks to Phil of DGH Outfitters in Berkeley! And all y’all who bought our team shirts! Thank you for your support! And heartfelt thanks to those of you who threw in a little extra, you know and we know who you are!

Huge gratitute to Lauren Pressler. Keep an eye out for this girl! Major artist on the rise. Designed team postcards we will be giving to children everywhere we go in Mexico. They are so cool!

Thanks to our gear head friends all over, LeMons, Mille, Melle, Carrera, including those whom we have lost too soon.

Thank you, Martin Lauber! For introducing us to an addiction healthier than crack. We look forward to playing with you in Mexico again!

Wow, Nelson Chan! Old time friend and fellow Grizzly Peak veteran. Thank you for even considering coming with us!

Jane Newman who waved a magic wand and made this blog site work! You are awesome!

This is just the beginning, folks! Thanks for all your encouragement! We will do our best to inform and entertain you.

Team El Platillo Volador

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