Final day. Zacatecas to Durango.

After a really late night drivers meeting in the amazing bullring turned hotel Quinta Real, drivers and service crews could look forward to the grueling day ahead which started off with a four hour transit to Durango. Both groups anxious for different reasons, drivers anticipating El Espinazo del Diablo, the Devils spine, speed stages, and the crews planning their route to the service stop before the road is closed by the federales.

Just before retiring, Dave took a closer look at our lead for the overall position and found that the Escort had steadily been closing the gap and could very well take first! With that morsel of info spinning in our heads, we all seemed to self wake at 4am in spite of our set alarm for 5 am!

Don’t break, don’t go off the road, treat her right….and we set off!

El Espinazo del Diablo is a mountainous range of white limestone and patches of dense pine forests. Aerial photos of this area make the ranges look haunted a if covered with cobweb, sinister. The roads of this days speed sections are right next to cliffs of up to 500 meters down.

There was a service before the cars headed out and there would be a second one before heading to the final finish arch in the center of Durango. Got a text from Dave after their run on El Espinazo, “We slayed El Diablo!” RELIEF! After the second service, the cars headed out for a couple of speed sections enroute to Durango.

Our crew was so busy gathering all our parts we had stashed on other trucks that we missed the hoopla with the cars coming through the arch. Conrad called to say our deck lid had been taped and we were to meet at the winners inspection garage, where officials weigh and rein spect aspects of the lead category winners cars. A good sign! 

 At the garage, we found the lead Studebakers, Taz’ s 240, Martin’s Taxi, and the Escort, gulp. Martin was screaming fast this entire event and without question would have snagged first, had he not had his ‘situation’ earlier. Hats off to his bride, Kelly, who put on her helmet for her first Carrera, and rocked the role of navigator!

We succeeded! After getting third for the day, we were awarded first place in our category overall!  Another Carrera behind us. Saying goodbye is always sad. But, we know we will all meet and do it again!

Looking forward to getting home!


6 thoughts on “Final day. Zacatecas to Durango.

  1. Hi Christina , Conrad and Team, CONGRATULATIONS, MUY BUENO and all that !!!! Thanks so much for sharing your great adventure. Pete

  2. BRAVO and WELL DONE …Conrad , Dave and entire team. You guys had an EPIC battle in HAP the length of ol’ Mexico .
    Also voted best blog of la Pana 2015 .
    safe travels home and giddy up, Carson

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