Day Four. Toluca to Morelia.

Conrad and Dave set out for the historic city Morelia, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Mexico. Built in the 1500’s from stone with an arched aqueduct leading to the center of its city, flanked by serious architecture that Morelians are very proud to share its history and yearly allow this growling group of cars to take over for an afternoon and and a morning.

 Just before entering this breathtaking city, the race cars fly, ski, skid, scrape, and unfortunately occasionally crash on the tightly wound roads of Mil Cumbres, one thousand turns. Our California back roads are a great gym for preparing for this well loved speed section.

Although, El Platillo Volador didn’t make the podium this day, great fun was had by all in Morelia. Congrats to the Czech team, driven by Vojtech Stajf in the 1972 Subaru GSR, who took first for the day in our category, and to Martin and Kelly Lauber in the Alfa Taxi who took second and Ian Dobson in the Ford Escort RS. EPV is still holding first overall in class,however, and this team plans on racing steady to stay there.

Tomorrow, it will be Mil Cumbres the opposite way on to Guanajuato, another amazing historic city.

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