Day Five. Morelia to Guanajuato.

Don’t crash! Be safe! Be nice to car! Bring it home! These are the words our little team keeps saying throughout the day. Many mishaps in our category have lead to our firm spot in first overall. As Kelly Lauber put it, we are building our cake from everyone’s crumbs! We will do our best to keep our spot overall and enjoy the rest of this race. 

The cars rolled through the tunnels of Guanajuato into the city center where spectators and drivers enjoyed recapping the day.

Martin and Kelly Lauber got first place, Vojtech got second and Dobson got third. Congrats! Tomorrow, Zacatecas!

3 thoughts on “Day Five. Morelia to Guanajuato.

  1. Thanks for catching us up with your posts…love reading them ! Looks like everyone is having a blast and BIG congrats to you and Conrad for taking the big cake !!! Fantastic 🙂

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