Day Three. Distrito Federal to Toluca

One of the nine speed stages was cancelled on this day that brought the racers up and back from the inactive volcano outside of the industrial city of Toluca. The beauty of Nevado de Toluca is breathtaking, the road winds through pine forests with hidden waterfalls, the temperature drops and the scents of pine and wood, make the heat of Tuxtla a faint memory. Unfortunately, we crew persons, only spend this morning kicking tires and talking smack or sleeping at the PEMEX station where the service will be.

Huge turnout for spectators in the city of Toluca. Unfortunately, the Taxi had brake issues that lead to a safe departure from the road, but it didn’t deter Kelly from running the transponder across the timing line…with her beautiful smile! Although they lost the rest of the day, and the Taxi drove in on it own power, it allowed our Alfa a spot in top place in our category.

Tomorrow, MIL CUMBRES!

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