Day Two! Thrill ride to Mexico City from Oaxaca

Big hurdle day to Distrito Federal. Eight stacked speed sections and a morning service stop in Tehuacan followed by a never relaxing three hour drive to Mexico City. Everyone was happy to see cars that broke, back on track and sad to see cars that had been doing really well, choke.

Axel in his green Mustang had a broken crank yesterday. Amazingly, it had been fixed overnnight. He said that when his car broke one the first day, it felt as bad as someone giving you a puppy but then taking it away.


We made it to Mexico City! We took Second in our class again. We made it to 16th overall! Martin and Kelly rocked the Taxi to first place, really rocked it! Not just in our class, but to 12th place overall! Congrats! And tomorrow Toluca!


One thought on “Day Two! Thrill ride to Mexico City from Oaxaca

  1. Congratulations, AGAIN! El Platillo Volador looks beautiful, the most beautiful car out there. That little lost taxi looks nice too, but then you know I’m fond of those. Keep up the good work. Go FAST; be safe. Our love and good thoughts are with you. And, Good Luck!

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