Thursday morning at the Tuxtla convention Center harnessed all emotions as teams readied for the qualifying run up to San Sebastián de las Casas. Last minute tweeks, repairs, posturing, nervous laughter, encouragements, offers to help, and, of course…HUGS! …all unaffected by the heat and humidity that was intense enough to make your teeth sweat.

 Unfortunately, the was attrition before qualifying in the pits. A cracked radiator here a slipping clutch there, but for the most part, we watched the cars head off to score their place in the starting order on day one. 

A couple of cars had offs. Sadly, Renee Brinkerhoff in her gorgeous 356 was one. Her crew worked furiously on it and by dusk, had it back in shape for the race start.

We are happy to report that Conrad and Dave worked really well together and came back feeling good about their drive. Later that evening, the results revealed El Platillo Volador’s placement as 14th in the starting order. Woo hoo! 

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