Day One. Tuxtla to Oaxaca.

We are all smiles and limbs!

Early start for the crews this morning as the cars were scheduled to depart for a pretty big day at 7:30. The road is long from Tuxtla to Oaxaca and the route book showed eight speed sections. Crews were definitely busy at the service stop and some cars were too sick to go on. We are hopeful that they all get sorted tonight and see them at the start tomorrow in the centro.

The Czech team had some issues with both of their cars just after the service. Their Subaru is screaming fast and will be back tomorrow for day 2 when we hit Mexico City.


Congrats to Martin and Kelly! They won first place in our group Historic Aplus. It is Kelly’s first Carrera and she is a natural in the role of navigator. Conrad and Dave got second today and we are super happy that the car is running well.

Tomorrow is another big day as we head to Mexico City.

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