We are OK!

We arrived in Tuxtla and have been busy getting through tech inspections and catching up with all our friends here. It is a very exciting time seeing friends we only see here and having quick catch ups.

Laura and Hillaire Damiron will be rocking their Studebaker sponsored by Tag Heuer. Amazing couple taking on racing together and doing mighty well!

Another couple we adore and are lucky enough to see more often, are Kelly and Martin Lauber, driving the dearest Taxi ever! Newly, well, sorta newly weds, taking on the tests of driving / navigating full on! Best to you!

Karen and Monica Leon doing an amazing job sorting us all out and looking amazing in the process!

Here are a couple of shots of other cars heading through tech:

A pre run up the mountain to San Cristobal today was sweet! This will be the qualifying run tomorrow! A sketchy left turn off a busy highway onto a potholed dirt road which lead to an indigenous Mayan village, before arriving to San Cristobal de Casas.


Tomorrow, qualifying. Time for a good nights rest!


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