It’s all about the hugs.

After disconnecting the race car from the tired Range Rover and speaking to various experts that called on us and came to us after our Carrera friends found out we were limping to Queretaro, we went over all our options for how to continue on to Tuxtla. Taz Harvey called us from California, had his friend who is a Range Rover expert call us to give us suggestions to solve our problem, which included air dropping us a new transmission, had his family friend and Queretaro resident car guy meet us with his older son Vitek at our hotel to help us with logistics for anything we might need. Julio our new crew member, was ready for us at the hotel with info and quotes for a replacement service car, as well as having a lovely local mechanic name Fritz meet us with his diagnostic computer. As I reflect and write this, I am covered with chicken skin because I am so blown away by all those who came to our aid. As our wonderful friend Angelica Fuentes would say,”THAT is the Spirit of La Carrera.”

In the morning, this generosity continued, as the convoy readied to depart the hotel for the longest leg of the journey to Tuxtla, a 12 hour drive, other friends Erik Kendall and Dorian, from the Alfa Taxi team, took some of our gear to help us out, as did Michael Shoemaker with the Volvo team. We owe you guys! And can’t wait to see you in Tuxtla and share a shot!

After the group left, we rented a new ride, set up a plan for the Range Rover, loaded up and headed out. We decided to head to Oaxaca and stay the night because we knew we had lost too much time to make it to Tuxtla during daylight hours. Also, hopeful to connect with our friend Luciano who lives in Oaxaca.

Julio and I drove behind Conrad and Dave in El Platillo Volador feeling relieved that we weren’t still stuck on the side of the freeway and we’re still moving! An hour into the trip, we came upon a Federale parked on the side of the freeway, who lit up and came after us! Ugh.

The trooper pulled up behind Conrad and Julio and I just ahead on the skimpy shoulder of the highway. I asked Julio if it would be ok for me to get out of our car and walk to Conrad to help with translating, since that is verboten in the US. Before he could answer, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw this.


This guy had been an escort with La Carrera last year and pulled us over to say hi! After we all got our hugs, we continued to Oaxaca and made it!

4 thoughts on “It’s all about the hugs.

  1. So rad! Glad to hear that your all are rolling on with the help of some outside folks. A group effort indeed!
    Keep on trucking, Huff

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