¡En sus marcas! ¡Listos! ¡CARRERA! 2015


On your marks! Get set! CARRERA!

First things first. Our gratitude!
Before yammering on about our stuff…our stuff wouldn’t be, not without the amazing support from the following people:

First, huge thanks to Dave Le, for hopping in the co pilot seat. We’ve seen Dave and Andrew Sather in our rear view mirror on several rallies and are excited to have him this year IN our car! Also, Julio Estrada! Gracias, amigo! Our experienced crew mechanic from San Miguel de Allende. On pretty short notice, Julio hopped on board! We are looking forward to working with you!
Jon Norman Racing Group! Thank you Jon, Dennis Etcheverry the master welder of EPV’s headers which were fabricated by Larry Dickman…Thank you Larry, for them headers and so much more, suspension components, your shoulder and elbow. Dan Marvin, for practical advice on race car set up, engine, chassis, machining, an inspiring racer, you are amazing!
Gracias, Pedro Lambert y Linda Lotriet for loaning us the most comfortable car to tow and crew with on this wild journey! You are too generous with us! Not complaining!
Tom Richardson, when he isn’t designing new Cliff bars, he is skipping the learning curve and mainlining to master of upholstery out of his garage. Thank you for the beautiful work you have sewn and stitched in our little car!
Mitch Parella, you have always gone above and beyond with our projects, your patience, generosity, and sweet nature, not to mention, long hours are most appreciated.
Getting to the race start wouldn’t have been as safe without you, Larry Eisner! Thank you for sprucing up and reworking the wiring on our trailer and tow bar. One of these years you will come with us…we are hopeful.
The lovely Lauren Pressler, who once again helped make our postcards happen! They are super cool!
Thank you, Jeremy Heslup for so much! For the photo on the front of our postcards and your hard work photographing, filming and editing the story of our car, and to Petrolicious.com for sharing it with your viewers! Here is link for anyone who is curious:                                                 http://www.petrolicious.com/alfa-romeo-sprint-speciale-is-a-racing-statement
Andrew Watry, not only did you donate your garden sculpture to our crazy dream, you put in many hours of your time helping it become a car! You crewed for us and towed her home in 2013 and have been a steady friend and mechanic to our team, gracias!
Bill (Memo) Mertz, you are our rock! Don’t know what it will be like this year because we have never done this event without you! Quit swingin’ from chandeliers and heal fast!
Ed Adams! We thank you for offering to tow EPV for us this year, as we are making the trek ourselves. Yikes! You are a bad ass! You made way better time than we have made, which makes us most appreciative of what you have done for our team and offered to do again.
Also grateful to Dennis and Elaine Dale, for the check you made out to Conrad…you thought it’d go to the race cause, little did you know it would go to Conrad’s tequila cause!
HUGE thanks to Julie Duarte for giving our darling dog Harrison a second home while we are away. We know he is happy and having fun with his brothers and sister at Camp Julie!
Last but not least, our 24 Hours of Lemons family, our only sponsor brave enough to slap their sticker on our car! We will do our best to not embarrass you!

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