Day Three. Distrito Federal to Toluca.

After leaving the underground gas chamber of a parking garage at our hotel, Presidente Intercontinental, this morning in Mexico City, we made our way out of town, thanks to Google maps, to a colorful row of restaurants lined up the side of the freeway. We ate breakfast tacos with another film crew of awesome guys working with our friend Tomas Lopez Rocha in a Studebaker.
Edgar Fuentes, drove by with a train of cars following him to Toluca. We hitched our two rides to his caravan…ALL aboard!
Today’s speed stages took place in the national park of Nevado de Toluca, an inactive volcano, very reminiscent of areas in Lake Tahoe, with pines and COLD!!!! weather…but alas, no rain for most of it.
We hung out with friends we only see at this time of the year and met new ones. Some crafty gourmets brought cooking gear and shared it with us. My favorite day so far….until, unbeknownst to us, these great shots we took of the cars racing through, came with a bugger of a price.
Please enjoy these photos taken today on two of the speed stages. Apparently, while we were in the woods taking them, we were being bitten by flesh eating spiders.








Once the race cars passed us and headed to their service stop, we had approximately 40 mins to search for the next photo place where we could feed more spiders. During this time, fans were cooking up a storm!



The federales started giving signals as they carved through the corners in their Challengers. And the next stage began.






Tomorrow we head to Morelia and Mil Cumbres (one thousand turns) and a visit to my old stomping ground with all my service peeps! Woohoo! Got a nap today and had time to fix the sleep blogging edits I made! Till tomorrow!

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