Day Two. Oaxaca to Distrito Federal with buckets of rain.

The rains came down and just kept coming…
Woah! Hats off to all drivers, and I mean ALL! Especially those we blasted past in Mexico City as we bullied our way in the police escort to the historical town center.
I am getting ahead of myself.
It was raining when we left Oaxaca, sleep deprived, again. At least we had some caffeine in our systems this morning at 7:30am. It poured all the way to the service stop that served breakfast. Unfortunately, we got stuck at a race road closure for the race cars turning onto their wet mornIng speed stages.
Breakfast was good with the crew and drivers and we set out to go to the speed stage after. We drove on a muddy pot holed road to Nochixtlan where the race cars were to take off for the 3rd speed section. Once getting there, we learned that we missed a few of the first cars that started.


We turned around after the cars left for the speed section and took off down the same as muddy road we had just driven. What a sloppy mess! Another day for wet clothes and shoes!
We headed to Tehuacan, to just get stuck again waiting for road to clear. Fortunately, there was a large, lively and super encouraging crowd, in spite of the foul weather.







We headed to Mexico City, stopping for coffee to amp up for our police escort that would take us to the town center.








We made it here and there was hope for sun, but it never broke through the pouring rain. It was so stressful and tiring. Tomorrow we head for Toluca…for more rain and cars.

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