Day One. Veracruz to Oaxaca

After four hours of sleep, we headed out this morning for the first speed stage of Cumbres de Acultzingo…at 6:30 am. The weather was overcast and the clouds seemed to be full of water. This speed stage was canceled last year due to rain, and it was looking like it may happen again. The drive to this stage felt like a two-ish hour drive and a few of us coffee addicts were looking like casualties of a day that barely began.
We headed up the mountain to find a good location to photograph. And we were pleased to find a spot overlooking this serpentine road with the craziest of arrow road markings I have ever seen! I wasn’t quite sure the arrows were pointing in different directions, until cars and trucks coming down the hill, were driving on the other side of the street through the turns.


After a pretty lengthy wait alongside Carrera fans, who’d found their spots along the road, well before we arrived, the road closure became evident and the race cars began their ascent, beginning with Hillaire Damiron in his ‘El Commander’ Studebaker, who had finished first in Qualifying.




Paul Hladky and Adrian Gerrits sounded amazing coming up the mountain.

Doug Mokkett and Angelica Fuentes, cut through the in coming fog with a note that sends shivers through your body.



Our good friends Taz Harvey and Rudy Vajdak shredding it!



After this speed stage, we made our way to Oaxaca to the arch, but instead found another student teacher strike, and battled our way through traffic to its new location on the Mirador, a major artery into Oaxaca, that boasts a spectacular view we, sadly missed due to rain.




Drivers meeting took place at the Quinta Real Hotel, built by the Spanish in 1500s as a convent. Wish I had time to get into the history we heard about it but, will re edit this later!



Gotta run! Going to Mexico City!

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