Day Six. Guanajuato to Aguascalientes.

This morning we left Guanajuato and headed towards Leon. Five cars crashed during the race today, but fortunately, no one was seriously injured. One of the cars was in our class driven by Miguel Granados and navigated by Ricardo Puente, who shared the podium with us every night, with exception of the first day because we were licking our wounds from breaking and not finishing that day.
When El Platillo Volador came into service, the car report was very good, no need to do anything but sit in a plaza parking lot flanked by American chain stores.
Here are some photos of our friends and what crewing looks like.

This is the Matts Hammerlund race group that cranks out amazingly fast cars that seize the overall win frequently. These guys work all night long and do whatever it takes to keep their drivers going.

The Swedes, Tommy and Anders

20131030-234657.jpg. VC.
These guys are very experienced crew in La Carrera Panamericana. They have helped us out on many occasions, including today when we showed up to the super sunny and hot paved lot with out a shade tent and carved out a little spot of shade under a tree for EPV from their already staked out spot! Thanks, Julio and Anders!

Nida and Fernando are mobile chefs who cook the most gourmet meals for their team and others.

Grand dad Krippa flies in from Sweden to join the Carrera madness. He and Tommy are top mechanics on Matts’ team.


EPV rolled in without a to do list! Woo Hoo!



Both cars made it to Aguascalientes and there was some serious chillaxing poolside!
Second in class today! Tomorrow, La Congoja, La Bufa and finally Zacatecas!




2 thoughts on “Day Six. Guanajuato to Aguascalientes.

  1. Hey Conrad and Christine,

    I just heard you guys went to race La Carrera!!
    Great Blog! I will be sure to follow
    Go Fast, Have Fun, Be Safe..drink margaritas!



  2. Five crashes? Did a Lemons race break out?
    It’s been fun following your blog,… from my couch.
    Keep the shiny side up!

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