Day Two. Oaxaca to Mexico City (DF)

When you find yourself deep in Mexico on a seven day race, and your car has issues on Day One, preventing you from finishing that day, no matter what you do to fix it, your confidence is inevitably shaken the following morning. It doesn’t help matters that Day two leads you to a huge city like Distrito Federal. Not a place to get lost in. Trust me. Race start was at 7am and cars began cueing up at 6am.

El Platillo Volador headed out of town on the historic route out of Oaxaca. One of the morning speed stages was run in the rain. EPV was spitting out water again, causing a stir in a couple of little pueblos when a helmeted being in a space suit jumps out of a flying saucer and runs around frantically searching for water.
This blurry photo is really how many of us view these mornings.


Angelica Fuentes is an exception for sure. After 18 years of racing in La Carrera, she is always the most steady, supportive and knowledgeable person at any hour of the race….even after suffering two tire punctures this day preventing her and pilot Doug Mockett from finishing the day.



The service was a bit damp and muddy, but we survived….Most importantly, El Platillo Volador arrived in Mexico City and finished the day with a 2nd in class!


La Carrera Panamericana went through great lengths with the City of Mexico to provide the participants police escort to the main square in the historic center. If I even tried to begin to describe this journey, you still wouldn’t believe me. We weaved our way through Mexico City like a video game, at a pace that would have been a sure shot to 25 to life in prison. A trip that a normal car would take 30-50 minutes to make, took us a hair raising 10-15. Large city streets were closed and thousands of people contained to allow our roaring circus to invade. Really, truly an experience of a lifetime.


The throngs of people and the police in riot gear was pretty unnerving. But ,all worked out! Here are some midnight fixin’s.





Tomorrow to Queretaro! Ed will be heading back home and Bill “Memo” Mertz will be waiting for us there. Huge thanks to Ed for everything he brought to our team, towing the car, maintaing a steady and helpful demeanor the entire time. Not to mention the stories he shared in the long road trip. Ed Adams, you are truly a gem. Thank you!

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