Day Three. Mexico City to Queretaro.

It was wheels turning at 7 for the race cars this morning. Our service car piloted by myself, headed out into Mexico City and promptly got lost. Without the help of a slimy taxi driver, but with the help of a police man and a fellow crew team and, thank goodness for Andrew Watry, we made it to the freeway! Yes, that task is a cause for celebration.

Service took place at winery Frexinet, where we tightened bolts and reinforced areas inside the fenders to protect them from all the gravel the tires were mercilessly picking up from the new roads and flinging up. We were super lucky to have help from Steve Berry and John Tharp from Apple Farmer. Sadly, their car suffered a crash the day before (no personal injuries) and headed back to Washington. Steve and John decided to stick with the race and help others out….Thank you!


Overheating has been fixed for now, phew! El Platillo Volador came to the arch in Queretaro and placed 2nd in its class!
We met Bill at the hotel and found him well rested. His bag went missing at the airport and he only had to worry about it for a few hours while we went to the zocalo. His mom will be happy to know that it indeed arrived at the hotel in the evening.
We got to see the car arrive through the arch in Queretaro. Here are some photos.








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