Day Four. Queretaro to Morelia

Wow! Race start was at 10 am this morning! Participants were definitely looking better than they looked last night. At 9am our service car was ready to go but first we had to stage an intervention. 20131028-141606.jpg
Andrew went to the bathroom and came back with a Boxer puppy! He said he “found” it in the bathroom.

After returning his furry friend, and keeping hope to find another Boxer puppy in another bathroom on the road, he and a fresh Memo, got to work at the service when EPV arrived. Conrad and Nelson had some communication system issues so Conrad had to “go visual” which meant they lost quite a bit of time.

Everything got tightened up for El Platillo Volador to take on Mil Cumbres, a favorite run for many of the participants, which means a thousand turns. From there to Morelia, a beautiful old city, definitely worth visiting!

We have been major 24 Hours of Lemons fans since day one and share that wacky passion with the man behind this event, Eduardo “Lalo” Leon. Here he’s rockin’ his Lemons sticker on his Jaguar.

20131028-235135.jpg And they rolled into Morelia!





<img src=”



Cars were parked in the zoccolo and down came the rain. Conrad was bummed that the rain had caused the last section of Mil Cumbres to be cancelled.


Tomorrow, we head for Guanajuato, wheels turning at 9.

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