Day One Veracruz to Oaxaca

Today was hard, period. El Platillo Volador came in for service after it’s first speed stage with complaints of water spitting out of radiator. Conrad made a gasket from a piece of rubber. With fingers crossed, we sent El PV out into the high desert from our hot, dusty PEMEX lair.


Nelson is tackling the tricky timing side of La Carrera. He has been studying and will get it, we are confident!

This is our buddy Richard, The Apple Farmer in his Studebaker. He is an amazing driver and we really enjoy hanging with his team!
After leaving the mountain town of Huajuapan, we came across El PV and the guys…on a trailer! It was a long straight and no shoulder on the sides of this road…and the average speed is about 80 mph. Thanks to John and Barry for scooping up our bummed out pilots and the little coupe and gave them a lift to Oaxaca.

After driving behind them, we noticed that El PV had lost a linkage on it is rear suspension. After getting to our hotel, we figured out the missing piece, a key bolt, which Ed and I promptly sourced in Oaxaca.
This addressed the biggest problem on this day. Our place in rank dropped to 70. Tomorrow we head to Distrito Federal, Mexico.



4 thoughts on “Day One Veracruz to Oaxaca

  1. I’m glad it was a mechanical that caused a drop in standings on the Resultados page of the Carrera’s website (handy to stay ahead of the news) and not a problem that would end the race for you. I hope that bolt gets EPV back on the road for some strong stage results in the days of racing still ahead. Go get ’em!

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