Day Zero: Qualifying


Qualifying took place today just outside of Veracruz. Growling engines, primed for this day, shook a small pueblo awake with fantastic machines, federales, organizers, service crews, creating traffic….I can only image what the locals think when this event barrels through. They seem to enjoy it after they recover from the initial befuddlement!




Conrad and Nelson came in second in class just behind Martin’s Taxi and will be starting in 36th position overall tomorrow when Day One takes our speeding roadshow to Oaxaca. Car is running well and the boys are grinning!

One of the main things we love about this event is the people who come to participate and the people who organize this amazing race. People have been so friendly, helpful and generous with us. The air is packed with excitement, relief, nervousness, competition, and a whole assortment of feelings and attitudes. There are lots of hugs, kisses, handshakes, and encouraging words…really amazing!




Our hard working crew after chowing down street tacos and Mexican Cokes.
Yipes! It’s midnight! Gotta go sleep! Here is a strange thing you don’t see every day!

Here is another Aeromexico casualty. This driver is seen just having dressed into his race gear, seconds after a Euro Latino mini van pulled up behind a throaty Falcon, out of a suit case! I said to my friend, and it was confirmed, that he too, was hosed by Aeromexico and got the Mexico City airport sleepover award. Apparently he was picked up and driven to the start of qualifying all in 15 minutes!

My friend Tommy and I rehydrating with fresh coconuts.


8 thoughts on “Day Zero: Qualifying

  1. Congrats on qualifying and on the adventure getting there! Great pics and stories! Also, lots of pics of el platillo volador are showing up on Instagram! Good Luck!

  2. Hey, is that the Apple Farmer mechanic from Texas sitting with Ed and Andrew? Say “hi” for me please. We continue to think very fast, very safe thoughts for you as i mentioned in the two previous comments i left which have yet to appear. (LL loves it that your website ignores my comments.)


  3. Godspeed. Loved seeing you fly through Porfirio Diaz, at the corner of my apartment in Oaxaca. Looked for you at Quinta Real last night, but could not find you. Enjoy. I cannot wait to hear your stories. I want to volunteer to be part of your crew next year. Love you both, Yvette Go Platillo Volador Go

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