Aeromexico is trying to steal our copilot and crew!

Just when Conrad, Ed and I had found a super busy local restaurant, we heard from Nelson who was due any minute at Veracruz airport, that he had missed his connection and would have to spend night at Mexico City airport to be on the next flight at 5:56am. Aeromexico had been 30 minutes late from SFO giving him zero time to jump through all the customs hoops before boarding his next flight. Fortunately, after learning the ways of airport sleep overs from the young folk, his plane landed just before this happened!


El Platillo Volador did very well with all inspections and earned its plethora of Carrera stickers. It was as hard for us seeing the car plastered with stickers as it was for the officials putting them on. They were very kind to let Conrad have input on the placement of them on the car.





All in all, this day was really great….until….the call from Andrew, our crew person, whom we were expecting at 11pm. He called to report that he, too, missed his connecting flight and would be spending the night, Nelson style, at the airport in Mexico City and catching the first flight to Veracruz in the early morning. Nelson said, “Tell him to go immediately to the 7-11 there in the airport and across is a bench that is missing its arm rests! Be careful when you go to the bathroom because someone will grab it!” If you know anyone stranded at the Mexico City airport, apparently, this Nelson Chan memorial bench is THE bench for catching somewhat restful ZzzZzz’s!
Tomorrow, more logistics and photos! Here’s one for fun!

2 thoughts on “Aeromexico is trying to steal our copilot and crew!

  1. Hi Christine,
    Thanks for the Federale shots!
    Did you get the photo shopped Panamerica Carrera pic of Conrad followed by the Federale car?

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