A Day in San Miguel de Allende, mañana Veracruz!

Dia de Los Muertos is around the corner!

Beautiful Sunday morning in San Miguel de Allende, hearty breakfast, and a serious attack on the tow bar issues from the day before. We managed to borrow quite a few things from our hotel: a space on the side street next to the guard shack, borrowed juice for the welder (this is golden), and a piece of square tubing to strengthen the structure.

Unfortunately, we missed being in the car show in the square because we were searching for a place to fix El PV. However, when all was mended, we took a walk to the old town center, had lamb and mussels near the cathedral, watched locals enjoying the park, and almost adopted a street dog!





San Miguel de Allende is a really beautiful place. The architecture is fascinating and it is quite fun exploring and walking the cobbled streets.

Gerie and Diane hosted a lovely party for us at their incredible home designed and built by Eva Helstrom and her husband Matts Hammarlund. Exquisite choice of materials and craftsmanship. Thank you Gerie and Diane! Food was amazing! Tomorrow, Veracruz! We will not be towing the race car, Conrad wants to drive it there….wish us mucha suerte! Wheels turning at 8! Gotta go sleep!


6 thoughts on “A Day in San Miguel de Allende, mañana Veracruz!

  1. Great photos, Christine. We’re thinking “fast” thoughts for qualifying and are with you in every way except for being with you.


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