Border adventures!


On Friday Conrad and I arrived San Antonio Airport where Ed and El PV (El Platillo Volador) picked us up curbside and headed to Laredo to meet up with our friends joining the Coyote Convoy.
After a brief meeting led by Jake and Fernando, our guides, a group of us crossed the foot bridge into Nuevo Laredo for our tourist visas and dollars to pesos exchange.
After having our breakfast early this Saturday morning, we headed off into adventure, complete with about 20 race cars, trucks and trailers and a flute smuggler.
We were first to arrive to the Colombia Bridge where we waited in a line as daylight caught up to our program. The short lived calm was replaced by panic when we arrived at the customs gate, and were told all cars would have to go through the border under their own power, not trailered.
What came then, was like a telephone game gone CRAZY! After every one wrapped their heads around the unloading and reloading of race cars, we were informed that we weren’t going to be able to cross at all because we didn’t have permission. As information traveled to the back of the convoy, new information was being generated at the top, releasing all sorts of ideas and opinions of what to do next. As confused trailers with race cars did donuts leading to the border gate and heading the wrong way, new information came that we could cross only with race cars driving under their own power. Calm was restored and the convoy realigned into a tidy line, thanks to Fernando’s patience and attitude, and the relief of not driving to a different bridge was felt by all.
This step is a little bit more complicated for El PV because we would have to remove car from tow bar, jack it up onto stands, refit drive shaft which was removed to save transmission from the long distance flat tow, drop car down, drive across border and repeat everything on the other side to remove it again….All of which, we did.
We were all on our way and 120 miles into the long, LONG voyage to San Miguel de Allende, when we noticed a considerable failure happening with the tow hitch. El PV was promptly unshackled (repeat of drive shaft procedure) and driven by Conrad to San Miguel through heavy downpours, rock showers (not exaggerating), big rig tunnels and into the night on a thin two lane road flanked by steep gutters.
Unfortunately, we missed Gerie’s party for us this year because we were so late getting in.
When Conrad began his drive in El PV, he took off and I didn’t see him for several hours. Thanks to Travis, Scott, Russ and Rudy for keeping an eye on me and letting me tag along with their group while I was lone wolf! During this part of the drive, I saw some pretty crazy looking stuff, but couldn’t get my camera out in time, but Travis did! Check this out!



Now, here we are in the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende. Will take photos to share tomorrow! Buenas noches!

7 thoughts on “Border adventures!

  1. Be safe Christine. Glad you guys made it across. It wouldn’t be a border crossing without some high drama. Is the hitch fixable?

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